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Spiderwebs? Nooo. It networks

Networks are divided generally speaking on internal (LAN) and external (WAN). WAN Wide Area Networks are often not concern companies are because the network provided by specialist companies (called providers) usually in the form of public access to the Internet. LAN infrastructure is Internal customer - and that is what makes it most problems.

Planning a computer network

The combination of more computers in a workable, consistent mechanism requires the preparation of the plan network. Each transmission medium is because their advantages and disadvantages. Fibers are undisputed quality leader in networks skeletal bandwidth due to the distance between the transmission devices, however, effectively deters them price - not so much the fiber-optic cable - at its terminals and devices converting light into an electric signal. wireless Networks allow you to opt out of the tangle of cables and enable effective and stable transmission in open areas, however, can not be For such high speed as in the case of classical wiring, even worse effect on the transmission are also weatherproof. Currently, the most commonly used type of wiring is a twisted pair copper. There are many varieties and several of its leading categories. Depending on demand the installation can be performed on copper cabling UTP category 5e (older type) or 6 (new type). External connections are made cable FTP / STP secured foil gel or a special-composite internal skeleton. Here is as film not only protective but also suppression. The maximum length of the line network, point-to-point depends on the type and the type of transmission medium. If the distance is considerable, used should be suitable for amplifiers. Networks are made usually in a star topology or a hybrid star. rare modern type of trunking systems or token-ring. In addition, the problems come with a choice of network devices (technology activities, roles and functions) and subscriber outlets (type and amount), or with a choice of types of cable trays (System or straight).

The possibilities are many and easily get lost in the maze of specifications technical. In matters as important as the servers better rely on the opinions of experts, to not regret later.

Finally we come to the most important thing in our opinion - if these have to choose a server that is in our name the provision of services both in the local network and the outside pass the life cycle of the server.

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According to the rules..

How, then, easy to see - even the simplest things can become complicated, if you look closely. Assuming that the new network has a lot of us use years worth of plan and execute it according to the rules of art.

Implementation and verification of the ICT infrastructure already half-way point on the road to success. It remains to plan and implement an active device that will direct data traffic in the network. Switches and routers are selected depending performed by the network and technology required to handle the amount of points subscriber and the type of services to be in the network available. Depending on the severity of control the flow of traffic going straight active devices or advanced manageable devices with their own operating systems with built-in support for multiple network protocols.

There is a view that the backbone networks are designed and built for the future and beyond minor upgrades consisting in adding a subscriber outlets and should survive years. It is the most correct for small companies where network bandwidth is not so great meaning. But we must remember that technology is changing rapidly and periodically presents new Web standards - For companies engaged in data transmission and Companies that process vast amounts of information in internetworks reconstruction of the process are common.

An effective, modern network requires constant supervision services information. However, the wiring itself is fixed and and beyond the physical damage there should be no failure in the this area, the devices that coordinate data transmission networks can play tricks. The more advanced device, the more a task and supports protocols that often occur can the situation in which the reconfiguration will be required. Moreover, the devices based on their own operating systems (switches, routers, matrices, etc.) require regular updates firmware that improve their efficiency, enhance the safety and correct errors. The difficulty of network management is often due to its hybridity.

Computer networks are not a heterogeneous environment. Most information must travel a very long way - for example, from a mobile phone connected to the network using Access Point (WiFi) for switches, wireless bridge realized with antenna masts to the computer - it reaches the recipient. There, the information is processed in the then goes back to the bridge to the backbone, on the network the switch to the router where it is encapsulated in VPN tunnel through the Internet to the user working remotely at home. In the case when the information does not get from point A to point B causes can be many. This is dependent on the number of devices on the way, the types of protocols used for communication between the devices, or the same equipment configuration active or services. To find the cause of the malfunction network is necessary to have knowledge about the same network as and the rules governing it, and of systems and services located at the end of transmission. It is therefore another Department of infrastructure, which should entrust professionals from the industry.

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