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The cost of the server

The eternal question: How powerful engine is needed to implementation of the planned service? In the case of companies that have a high financial power virtually meaningless - a powerful corporations are buying the most expensive and the most advanced server platforms, because they understand that it is not the place to look for compromises. Unfortunately, the realities of market are more violent, because in our opinion, power selection and configuration of server hardware as the most important in the company of the device must be preceded by a thorough analysis of load carrying. We are a professional advising choice of server equipment - conduct load analysis.

Sometimes it's not worth to saving

Price servers due to differences in design, and the modules used differ significantly from the prices of office computers. Therefore rarely companies decide to complete replacement server platform the new unit. much It often develops and enhances its capabilities by expanding the amount of memory, the exchange of disks, controllers, processors, etc. Although generally characterized by server platforms flexibility of hardware configurations - not expansion it is always possible. Here again go back to the source any problems - that is, money. The fact more money you invest when buying a server in hull the greater the flexibility in the future. Otherwise scaled for small platform rack, the cost of which does not exceed a few thousand, actually bought an ad hoc basis in one simple purpose, and otherwise powerful Blade systems whose capability expansion depend only on the budget of an undertaking.

The possibilities are many and easily get lost in the maze of specifications technical. In matters as important as the servers better rely on the opinions of experts, to not regret later.

Finally we come to the most important thing in our opinion - if these have to choose a server that is in our name the provision of services both in the local network and the outside pass the life cycle of the server.

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The life cycle of the server

Server before running must be properly prepared - This step is followed to install the selected operating system or physical resource virtualization respectively on the selected Hypervisor and further detailed configuration software and services. The next step is to run the production environment and preparing schedules backups, scripting monitoring and ongoing care of the infrastructure. Each system is subject to periodic updates or packages with update (for Unix systems there is a recompilation kernel and the transition to new versions) and their effect - rekonfiguracjom. Finally, when the equipment is inefficient follows its extension, in the absence of life cycle closes and the server is replaced.

In a few of these lines failed to hold a lot of work What is behind the formulation of management servers, although you could write about it for hours, because it is a task difficult and thankless - because as long as everything works as the effects of work should not be seen. Damage is required extensive knowledge of information about the activities of operating systems, the underlying hardware, software, communication protocols and many other issues - it's worth just mentioning that repeatedly while performing a seemingly uncomplicated task servers require cooperation of several specialists various fields. Therefore, we believe that it is a task that definitely worth a delegate to the relevant holder of qualifications.

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