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We are aware that everyone wants to deal only with the industry I had chosen, so we offer advisory assistance in the field Computer Science and Information Technology company. As a person with many years of experience we have the necessary knowledge of existing solutions on the market, innovations and trends that create a modern enterprise. We will help you choose the most effective solutions, tailored for your company "to measure", which will not be need to spend property, and that effectively help in the implementation of mission of your company.

What you get?

Choose for your servers and network equipment, depending on the size of the supported networks and their locations. We will help you design logic diagrams of network infrastructure - including infrastructure remote if it comes to more than one store or office location. For this propose appropriate hardware operating systems that meet the requirements and do not ruin your budget. Subsequently will analyze the software you need - if necessary prepare an offer on software copyright if no other will be available at a better price. Finally - we propose a strategy information technology for your business, identify your goals for the coming months and years in order to be able to maintain the efficiency and modernity of infrastructure as long as possible.


Understanding the business partner is the key to ensure mutual success in the field of IT. Without knowledge of the functioning client, a company dedicated to service inforamtyczną will not be able to properly analyze his needs. Without proper analysis can not talk about precision in action. Company Zamat invariably encourages partners to cooperate fully, through which previously could effectively assist in the selection of appropriate services and proper equipment. An analysis of information company enables us to assess the needs even of safety data.

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Speaking of safety data we have in mind a few aspects. Security of data as such (ie, resources collected servers and disk space), and safety data as information (personal data, design data companies, etc..). Our company will advise you on what device matrix and the disk should be provided with to ensure the integrity of your and longevity, and to avoid the risk of uraty. each time will match an individual solution, which will not be ruined budget of an undertaking and at the same time will not compromise between the price of a security.

The formal safety issues - we can help in the preparation of appropriate documentation, security policies, user management information system, procedures, etc.

Data security should be one of the priorities of the company - some of them are protected by law, such as personal data, others may expose the company to serious losses. In any case, one should use proven and modern mechanisms that will give us a peaceful night's sleep.

Current Service

Most undertaken problem is the overall service Informatics companies and institutions involving daily caring for computer hardware.

Server infrastructure

Managing servers, sharing of resources.
Ensuring safety.



Planning, implementing, managing networks
information technology and network devices.



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