IT service model remote

2014/08/12 Urządzenia peryferyjne
In computer science - especially official lingering view that properly the work performed must be performed locally. The employer feels safer seeing with my own eyes persons performing management or corrective sensitive network infrastructure or server. At this point one should ask the question - are you sure work in local mode is better than the so-called. telework - which increasingly popular in businesses and corporations being daily bread?

IT support in the classical model and outsourcing

2014/08/10 Bezpieczeństwo IT
Any company that is going to be able to develop in the end the problem of the choice between developing their own IT department, and outsourcing services. To build your own infrastructure you need to consider two aspects: the aspect of hardware and human resources. It must be remembered that the modernization, maintenance, repair and service cost

The thing about the web applications

2014/07/01 Software
Every seller praises his wares - worth comparing which application is useful to us and what this will achieve benefits. Here are a few differences between local programs and browsers and explain why, in our opinion, better programs are platform independent and what is their advantage

Hard Drives - quick overview of the technology

2014/06/26 Hardware
Hard drive manufacturers are not resting on our laurels. Every day technologies are created to increase the speed, reliability and capacity of hard drives. Until recently, it seemed impossible penetration of 1TB on a single disk, today this figure does anyone already on impressions. In the consciousness of users lies mostly one hard disk image - 3 5 `hard drive in your computer for a given capacity. Meanwhile, the parameters defining the drive is much more. Selection of the appropriate disk will allow its long-term, trouble-free operation in a particular environment.

The use of NAS disk arrays in small businesses

2014/06/26 Bezpieczeństwo IT
Market arrays available for little money evaluates from month to month. Solutions that until recently were only designed for demanding users are becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. All this we owe to competitive pricing practices and growing awareness of the holders of digital data. The risk of data loss always exists, but it is worth considering how you can minimize them. The use of disk array can significantly improve data security.

Discourse on printers. Types of printers what to look for when buying

2014/06/26 Urządzenia peryferyjne
It is known that nowadays printers are devices so common that you can actually meet them in every household having a computer. The market makers compete in offering products with more and more interesting parameters and options. Since all the type of printer are quite similar, there must be some distinguishing features of specific products.