2014/06/26 Bezpieczeństwo IT

Market arrays available for little money evaluates from month to month. Solutions that until recently were only designed for demanding users are becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. All this we owe to competitive pricing practices and growing awareness of the holders of digital data. The risk of data loss always exists, but it is worth considering how you can minimize them. The use of disk array can significantly improve data security. Quality, however security depends on how much money we spend on it. SAN arrays are devices extremely expensive and designed for professional use in data centers or large corporations. Small companies usually do not choose to spend tens of thousand for the simplest matrix models, hybrid technology is so - so. RAID NAS (Network Attached Storage). NAS arrays simplification are similar to ordinary portable drives, but with the difference that it is not connected to a computer, and only the data communications network. This is a gross oversimplification, because models are also available starting having both USB and eSATA, but the essence of NAS drive is the possibility of their direct connection to the LAN.

These matrices depending on the model have different security RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disk). In the simplest models is RAID 1 - ie. mirroring - data is stored on two drives at the same time and in the event of failure of one disk array can operate as usual on the second disk. In more advanced models is the RAD 5 and 6, where failure can be more than one disk without data loss.

Matrices are usually wielodyskowymi structures. Of course, there are models of single disc, but from the point of view of the safety of their purchase is unfounded, provide for the same level of security as regular external drives. You still have the advantage that they can be operated by the network, that can simultaneously connect to them more users, but it is in the level of uptime matrix lies its advantage over the external drive. Type depends on the disk array - of course it depends on what you want to allocate funds for its purchase. Traditionally computer disks arrays support SATA, but the top models are used NAS drives SAS server for production use with increased MTBF, increased speed RPM and faster access. The arrays are used both full-sized disks 3.5 `as well as smaller 2.5`. Depending on your needs, you can obtain a matrix that would allow removal of damaged / disconnected from the RAID array disk during operation (hot swap).

Number of NAS solutions on the market is staggering and therefore no expertise hard to make the right choice. Among the many solutions noteworthy ones that have developed a system for managing and monitoring the state of the matrix. Most systems management matrix is a graphical overlay on a unix system, but systems are so refined and intuitive that management does not pose major problems. Manufacturers arrays provide the software also many extras such as ftp sites, Cloud, etc.. Most of these services is a hanger-on, in the process of data management very useful, for example media server, but some of the services may prove to be useful and significantly increase data security. Of particular note is a new trend called. cloud computing. Following the progress of most manufacturers supplied the arrays already own servers of cloud, with the result that their products can be connected to a global server. This may mean various benefits - from the possibility of performing backups, indeed hold some data in the cloud (usually of limited capacity), to remote access through the primary server to the data contained on the drive letter.