2014/08/10 Bezpieczeństwo IT

Unfortunately, the world does not spoil us - stubbornly crisis deepened continuous belt-tightening taking its toll on all businesses in all industries. The problem is ironically placed cuts and savings. Companies are increasingly turning to postpone purchases and deployments for the coming years - taking the same work to other companies in the market. These, in turn, due to lack of orders also suffer from lack of money and decide to postpone and investment - so the circle closes. No orders results in a lack of money, and this leads to a deepening of the crisis. However, there are ways to save that do not ruin the market situation. In the field of modern technologies salvation may be outsourcing services.

A special role in outsourcing IT services. Any company that is going to be able to develop in the end the problem of the choice between developing their own IT department, and outsourcing services. To build your own infrastructure you need to consider two aspects: the aspect of hardware and human resources. It must be remembered that the modernization, maintenance, repair and operation cost. The need for high-voltage support equipment, spare and connects the rooms to be monitored around the clock. In terms of staffing employees with a wealth of knowledge and experience are expensive, require constant upgrading of skills in relation to the changing technology and ... they have only two hands - sometimes so necessary is to hire more people and create entire IT departments.

Had to combine these needs with each other, it seems that the IT field is a place where you could look for savings. Rather than hire new workers in the field of IT - it is better to outsource IT services company that professionally take care of our infrastructure. This gives the ideal model management - the company under the flat rate must perform activities related to the daily operation of persons and equipment. Thus, outsourcing may include management information system which includes computers with peripherals, servers and networks. If it was to connect with a remote helpdesk service - which, thanks to modern tools today is very simple - get comprehensive information technology support within the subscription contractual. We do not need to worry about resource personnel and its training - it's worry acquiring company services. If the acquisition is more comprehensive example. Devices is a worry at all drops - a company has to provide us the service of access to our resources and equipment while ensuring their protection and maintenance.

It is difficult to overstate the convenience and comfort which gives outsourcing. Looking from a broader perspective, it generates savings - we do not hire additional employees regardless of the growth of the infrastructure, we do not spend funds for training workers, and the monthly fee for the service is the cost of the company.