2014/07/01 Software

The thing about the web applications

Every major company in the market can boast a quantity of used computer programs. Some of them remember the old times of the beginning of computerization and undivided reign DOS, and others that, despite the fact that there are newer applications - for various reasons do not meet the requirements of the users. Most of the construction industry programs have closed - that precludes further expansion. Of course, manufacturers provide the most support - but it is limited to repair errors. Similarly, the problems start when you change to a newer operating system. Speeding technological development provides developers with continuous occupation - even differences in the structure of processors can significantly affect the architecture of the program.

On the one hand, therefore, we closed programs, on the other hand - a modern type of web applications. Which in our opinion provides the other edge? Arguments is quite a lot. Type of web applications, or if you prefer web applications characterized by the lack of need for a runtime environment. Applications written in the languages ​​of type C + +, C #, or the type of supporting frameworks. NET need a certain environment - libraries. It automatically reduces the number of platforms on which the program can run. Applications written under MS Windows. NET especially in the latest version 4.5.x does not run on Linux (even equipped environment imitating NET platform - the MONO) and that far on mobile platforms based on Android. How, then, is the case with desktop Web? They do not need any runtime environment, only a simple browser that comes in any equipment that connects to the internet ... which is essentially almost everyone. Of course, much depends on the professionalism of the company that prepares the software - whether it takes into account small differences in the interpretation of web applications between different browsers (eg Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari) to launch the software actually Siena each browser. The second issue is the timeliness of the browser - you have to keep in mind that the Internet standards are changing - there are changes in the interpretation of individual expressions of programming languages ​​such as HTML Web or PHP, and therefore the browser should be continually updated to ensure correct display of modern websites and applications. Therefore - if provided will be properly executed to date browser Internet program will run regardless of the hardware platform and already it is in itself a huge advantage, but it's not the end!

Another issue is the availability of a program outside of the company. In the case of local programs frequently necessary to use additional types of treatments - encrypted VPN or remote desktop to be able to use the program. The type of web application always works in client-server architecture. Is installed on the server machine as a Web or intranet (as needed) and a special interpreter on the server side receives client connections. So we can say that if such is the will of the customer - programs like Web can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is worth noting that it does not have to suffer for the safety of this type of program. There are protocols and mechanisms such as SSL, OTP, certificates, etc. that provide a very high level of security - snug as in the case of local application.

Internet applications like local and are based on a database - they are ruled by the same rules. The most common situation is mixed down (implying) the functionality of smaller programs into one coherent system WEB. Thus, for example, application storage, software asset management, schedule appointments, work schedule - combined in one system company. Quite difficult to wade problem directly with a multitude of devices on which to run the application WEB was until recently the display. In writing, however, modern websites and applications that meet the criteria of the so-called. responsiveness is not a problem anymore. Responsiveness is nothing but display correctly in different resolutions, which is de facto on different devices.

It should tell you more about one of the software will recommend the WEB. Well, paying attention to the technological progress especially when it comes to IT services - expanding outsourcing trend. Applications such as WEB favor this phenomenon. They can be offered in two models - licensed and SaaS. This means that it can be sold as a product as-it-is or as a service. In the latter case, the client does not need a server - accesses to the program via the Internet regardless of its infrastructures.

Comparing the types of programs you have mentioned, however, that Internet programs are written in multiple languages ​​simultaneously - including embedded languages ​​such as Java, without which the implementation of certain services (eg electronic signatures) would not be possible. Despite this, the company Zamat definitely recommend apps WEB!